TikTok Influencer – Dr.Julie Smith

1. The influencer that I am going to talk about is Dr. Julie Smith. Her thematic focus of the channel is mainly being a mental health professional as well as providing the audience with short psycho- educational videos and in those videos she makes use of analogies and props as well. Her videos are able to educate about different ongoing topics such as loneliness, anxiety, as well as relationship advice which many of us go through. 


2. Dr. Julie Smith does a great job of informing the audience that it is terrifying speaking about mental health and if you are feeling alone, there are many people like you out there who feel the same way. She encourages her audience to take tiny baby steps in helping them better their mental health. One perspective that had caught my eye was when she said people usually think there are two categories when it comes to mental health. One of them is being “well,” while the other one is being “unwell.” She explains that instead of thinking of these two words as separate categories, we should treat them as more of a spectrum. She explains that even if you move towards the direction of “unwell,” you are still able to move back to the “well” category which is why she told her viewers to think of it as a spectrum. One of the main themes in her videos is hope and she always makes sure to tell the audience that there will always be hope. 


3. I would assume that her primary audience would be teenagers since the app mainly consisted of teenagers but when it comes to mental health, I am sure she wants her videos to reach every age out there because mental health is something that any one at any age can struggle with. 


4. Her most popular video is her explaining the “Thatcher effect.” The thatcher effect is where it becomes more difficult to detect local feature changes in an upside-down face. One factor that could be why it became popular is that not many people know what the “thatcher effect,” is and seeing actual pictures upside down really does make you wonder and question about it. Since there are many kids on the app I am sure they thought it was a cool trick which might be why there are so many likes and comments on the video. 


5. One thing that I appreciate about Dr.Julie Smith is that even though mental health can be a serious topic that can often be sad to talk about, she always is able to bring so much energy in the videos and create her videos in a way that is both entertaining and informing. Something else that I appreciate about this influencer is that she makes you feel very safe in the video and is able to make you feel brave enough to talk about mental health issues instead of feeling ashamed of talking about them. 

6. I would suggest that Dr. Julie Smith should keep providing this safe space for people because the internet is a scary place and there are very few places where you can feel safe. She is able to make learning about mental health fun while also informing readers about it. Her content is perfect just the way it is and I hope that in the future she keeps making content.